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Mar 9, 2011

Sessions missed in the blog

March 3, 2011. LEADERSHIP SKILLS FOR HANDLING GENDER ISSUES IN LABOUR. Dr. Poonam S. Chauhan, Senior Fellow, VVGNLI. (Reddin's 3D Style Model)
We were tested for our leadership skills and it turned that many of us get the highest score s Missioners., which is not good foe effective leadership. It is rather good to be developer and a bureaucrat in some extent or to be a Benevolent Autocrat even. Buy I have more scores in the right side altogether so I consider it is good for leaders.
Deserter - 1
Missionary - 12
Autocrat - 6
Compromiser - 7
Bureaucrat -5
Developer - 9
Benevolent Autocrat - 7
Executive - 9
26 vs 30

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