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Mar 5, 2011

5 March, 2011

Hi. It has been long time since I could not write here. In the hostel where we live there are only 2 computers with internet and number of participants are 29, so you can imagine how long one should wait in a line for his turn to use PC.
Today 5 sightseeings to Delhi were amazing!
1. Bahai Temple or Lotus Temple. which I loved most of all. Apart it being very beautiful and accept all people wanted to pray regardless religious accessory that Temple is built in the shape of a lotus and my name is also means Lotus flower in Uzbek))
2. Kutub Minar which was built in 11 century and consists of several our ancestors' tombs as well.
3. Indira Gandhi Memorial. It is a place where she lived in the period of being the prime-minister together with son Rajive and his wife Sonia and son and daughter. We saw the clothes they wore, they were killed in; the prizes and presents and certificates presented by other countries presidents and prime-ministers. I have known a lot of facts I did not know before.
4. India Gate
5. Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (Gandhi Darshan)

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