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Mar 1, 2011

ITEC Program. Training "Gender Issues in Labor"

This is a program offered by Indian Embassy all over the world. Actually ITEC offers more than 100 different programs in different fields. And I have chosen this because I wanted to know more about gender and especially in the country where the head of the state was a woman - Indira Gandhi.
But during 2 days before the course started we just saw some interesting places which I would like to describe and later to upload on the Internet.
Day 1 - Coming to Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. The flight itself was not too long - about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Time difference between Uzbekistan and India is just half an hour (our time is back). We flew from Tashkent at 2.15 pm and were in Delhi 5.45 pm, where we were met by taxi and driven to the V.V. Giri National Labour Institute. NOIDA where our institute is situated is 1 hour driving from the airport. Too many cars and it seemed to me no any rules on the roads and drivers srive sooo fast! The hostel did not meet my expectations but I managed to get used to the conditions there)))) You have to try to find pluses everywhere and then you may enjoy your life!!! It was very cold in my country (-10 C) and the fact that it is +18-20 make me happy. By the time I will back to my country there will be spring.
Next day was another enjoyable thing- I met here people from 21 different countries and I like to make friends so I was lucky to meet them. Together we went to Old Delhi and visited Joma Masjid - Moslim Mosk, took pictures there. You are allowed to enter just with the special dress with long sleeves and with no shoes on. After that we went to Humayun's Tomb the building of which is very similar to our constructions in kishlaks - made of stone and others. The structure of the building is the same as Taj Mahal - when you look at the water in fron of the Palace you may see its reflaction there - it is amasing. I look forward to seeing Taj Mahal.
Day 2. March 1 - the fist day of our training. We are acquainted with faculty memebrs and course agenda, distributed living allowances. And the first presentation was devoted to the distingushing terms sex and gender, a case study is given and we have to define who is male and who is female. We chose statement whether they were related to sex or gender and very often it was confusing.Sex is a biological and gender is a social concept we know but still it is difficult to tell.
Tomorrow is Indian Holiday (Radha God) and there is no sessions.

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