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Mar 9, 2011

8th of March. "Prohibition of the SH of women at the workplace"

This even was devoted to the celebration of the International Women's Day. Chair person Prof Saraswati Raju from Jawaharlal Hehru University in Delhi introduced Naina Kapoor - Advocate, Equality Consultatnt & Lawyer, Guargon. Who told participants about Indian Acts. Then advocate Devika Singh, Senior Associate & Team Leader conducted open discussion about existing sexual harasment. This is very subjective and very often we shoud consider cultural tradition as well in order not to mix just good relationship with SH. And the line where the good relationship ends and SH begins is also vague. E.g if your boss invited for dinner whether accept it for the first time or refuse? That's a problem and very often women appeal to the acts when it has happened. It would be worth to prevent it, e.g when she gets just text messages or some pictures of the doubtful content.
Then 6 countries where the Act against sexual harassment exist made their presentations: Guatemala, Peru, Uruguay, Ghana, Ethiopia and Malaysia. Along with the definition of the SH in their Acts they showed some statistical data as well.
Even in the countries where there is no law against SH there are some rules of appropriate behaviour and conduct and the administration of the organisation could explain thee rules to employees and avoid SH. That is I think should be done in our country.

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