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Hello! My name is Nilufar Begibaeva.
I am a teacher of English at Andijan State University.
I have just begun Distance Course "Building Teaching Skills Through the Interactive Web" and expect much from it subject to my active participation in it.

Apr 19, 2010


I always faced difficulties with storing web sites. As I have never heard about Delicious I wrote a message with copied and pasted links in the content of the message and sent it again to my e-mail then saved it into separate file inside my mail. That was the way I had my favourite links always with me.
Some useful links I keep on my web site on teachnology.com but it is so time consuming to update the site for me. So you can imagine how I am glad to have Delicious with me!
My address on Delicious is http://delicious.com/nilufarb70

The reason why I like Delicious.com:
1. Even if I kept my links in my e-mail box using Delicious.com saves me steps to find my links because I do not open e-mail, find file with links, open it and then find necessary one and follow it.
2. Delicious.com is your mini search engine where using tags you may easily find appropriate link.
3. You are able to see ho many people saved this link for their bookmark (following link http://www.uoregon.edu/~dhealey/techtips/sept2009.html I found a former student who took our course as well in Fall 2009- Shaima)
4. You may sort links either by date or in alphabetical order
5. Display 10, 25, 50, or 100 bookmarks per page


  1. Hello !
    Wow! you are really fast to write what you did in week 3 because it has just begun but you have already done your blog. ;o)As for me, I do really live Celicious.com too. It is such a wonderful site that I have never known before. Yes, I sometimes saved the sites and then sent them to my email also. However, I finished my Delicious address and found that it is easy now to have my favorite websites with me everywhere!
    Congratulation for us!

    Best Wishes from Thailand
    Garunyawun ;o)

  2. Hello!

    I totally agree with your idea that delicious.com is really helpful. For the first time in my life I am not afraid that I might ever lose my bookmarks. You made a wonderful description of the advantages of the site.

    Let's keep up our great work here and continue sharing our ideas!

    Congrats for the post - quick and accurate!

    All the best,
    Nadina - Romania

  3. Hi Nilufar,

    I guess all of us got to know, use and like DELICIOUS. Just like you, I also used to save my favourite bookmarks (and other resources like PDF or word files) on my e-mail. Delicious serves better options and is really well, though simply, organized. I am a fan of clear, orderly tools and Delicious is unquestionably one of them!


  4. Dear Garunyawun, Nadinne and Joanna.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your wishes and comments here.
    Your supprt is so valuable for me, because sometimes I get lost searching virtual space which leads me deeper and deeper to other sites and links.
    You and all my colleagues help me to cope with challenges during the course.
    Let us keep up good work and receive as much as we are able from it .