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Apr 18, 2010


(Audience) The class for which I have developed ABCD objectives consists of 13 students of Psychology Department, all of them are female, age of 19-22, second year of study, 4th semester. All our students pass State exam on English at the end of their 6th semester, 3rd year of study. As we do not have appropriate environment to practice speaking outside the classroom, we do not have native speakers at all in our city, their knowledge of English considered basic , although most of them study English at schools. In addition two months of the academic year they spend picking cotton (September-October). We begin studying Phonetics and Grammar in the first year of their study by "English text-book", N.Bonk. On their second year of study students use books, published in Uzbekistan in collaboration with Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education and British Council "Word Wise". This book contains 15 Units, each of it involves all skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. One Unit takes a month to study since we meet once a week.
According to Technology Taxonomy I would say that their level is 1.0. Three of them use e-mails and Facebook for social network. 5 of them are familiar with Google and are able find information independently and easily work and edit, using MS Word.
The following month we are going to read about British festivals, do written exercises after the text, then to learn presentation skills and hints. By the end of the Unit students will be able to:
- speak about British festival using vocabulary given at the end of the Unit
- write about common traditions of Uzbekistan and Britain
- make 6-7 minute presentations using appropriate gestures, transition words, Unit vocabulary and PPT
We will work over the projects using my lap top and USB modem to look for the information about different Uzbek holidays. It will take a little time to teach them how to use MS Power Point and info search. For this reason I am going to prepare guidelines about how to get access to Web browser and find Google and find appropriate information (I am not sure whether to give it in native language or in English and if it is in English won't it be difficult for them to accomplish it, it would be a meaningful study though).

By the end of the Unit student must learn vocabulary given in the text and complete writing exercises in 100%. Accomplished PPT will represent students' writing (on slides) and speaking skills in 90%, using vocabulary of this Unit.
This Unit learning objectives are:
-Presented in the Unit vocabulary is used in meaningful paragraphs 100%(D) by students of the second year Psychology faculty (A) while speaking about festivals and traditions both UK and Uzbekistan (B) after completing exercises (C).
- After exploiting some rules of presentation (C) Psychology faculty second year students (A) must learn how to give a speech in a given topic(B), using proper words, transitions and gestures% of assigned requirements (D)
- Studying guidelines about searching information and creating PPT (C) second year students (A) will be able to make presentations about different Uzbek festivals (B), receiving at least 80 % of assigned points.

Like Joanna, Ruslana and ome other my colleagues I have tried to make ABCD learning objectives for the first time. Reading post of Wang Shujuan I decided to make additions to my model of lerning objectives: reading guidelines for PPT making and Internet search students will improve their reading skills. The fact that they are assigned to prepare different fetivals and using IT for this purpose will enhance their autonomy.

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