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Hello! My name is Nilufar Begibaeva.
I am a teacher of English at Andijan State University.
I have just begun Distance Course "Building Teaching Skills Through the Interactive Web" and expect much from it subject to my active participation in it.

Mar 10, 2012

Learning Teachnologies. Week 1 (March5-11)

I am excited to let you know that I have become a member of a new community - on-line learners of the British Council's course "Learning Technologies".
How is it different from my first e-course "Building Teaching Skills Through the Interactive Web"? Our community consists of my friends and colleagues from our country whereas the previous one consisted of people from 30 different countries. But nevertherless we introduced our cities as many of them I personally did not visit. That was interesting
The platform for learning was nicenet in the first course. In the present course we use Moodle. So it is a good opportunity to get accquaited with this platform as well as I already attempted to learn it in EVO (Electronic Village On-line) but infortunately did not complete that course which was in January 2012. We updated our profiles with pictures and other data.
I took quiz on Moodle faetures and gor the Highest grade. Then I took quiz on Netiquette (80%) and after read 2 articles about Netiquette.
Our group read an article about games and shared opinions about using games and useful web-sites with on-line and off-line games.
In the section An Introduction to Learning Technologies I have read articles devoted to Learning Technologies, shared my experience to Forum and read a page on Integration.
The most I remember was analysing teaching examples on using technology and giving them feedback. Then I completed the test on advantages and disadvantages of using Youtube and Wikipedia.

I believe that the following week will be as productive as this one.

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