Welcome to my blog!

Hello! My name is Nilufar Begibaeva.
I am a teacher of English at Andijan State University.
I have just begun Distance Course "Building Teaching Skills Through the Interactive Web" and expect much from it subject to my active participation in it.

Jun 11, 2010


This week is the time when all of us think what has changed during these ten week inside of us.

I had a blog before but never thought of it as a teaching, effective teaching tool. Here I learned it.

Having read the article


by Arthur W. Chickering and Stephen C. Ehrmann

I agree with authors that if are asked to design antennae you are noe expected to invent it . It build deep understanding of its principles. The same with our sites, bolgs and exercises we create. By this we understand better the kernel of all these tool and in fiture we can easily use these tools and explain to our colleagues why it is for.

Jun 2, 2010


This week we have to try different tools and implement them into our practice.
Even though Deborah told us to work with one option but I would like to try them all and created both site for my students and nicenet class for teachers whom I train these days.
In addition to these sites for collaboration we were given sites to create fun and intersting activities for our classes. I made several bingo games and an on-line crossword. Both these activities are on the same topic - my project one - "British Festivals"

Another activity we should do was to complete the survey. It gave me food for thought and I decided to create a survey for my teachers of ETTE project by British Council.
I am still working on it and hope to publish a link to it after completing. Survey was another very useful tool for me as a teacher.

What I really worry about is my project feed back and report...